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Top Destinations For Christmas

Top Destinations For Christmas
« on: December 16, 2011, 04:35:40 PM »
1. Quebec City, Canada. This is a particularly ideal vacation destination for Americans. It offers the charm of Old World Europe with the proximity of a North American destination. Itís guaranteed to offer a snowy White Christmas, which is a must for many holiday travelers. This city is known for providing a great Christmas experience to visitors. It has terrific holiday shopping options. It is filled with lights and decorated Christmas trees. And there are numerous holiday events to enjoy while youíre here. Plan now for a trip to this top destination!
2. Any of the Caribbean islands. At the opposite end of the spectrum from the snowy Christmas in Quebec is the sunny sand-laced Christmas on a Caribbean island. There are many reasons that this is a popular choice. The obvious one is that you can enjoy a great relaxing getaway without all of the Christmas trimmings. People who donít celebrate Christmas find this especially appealing as do people who need a vacation after their traditional tense vacations back home!
3. Amsterdam, Netherlands. Returning to a more traditional snowy Christmas destination, this is a perfect time of year to take a trip to Amsterdam. This city starts celebrating Christmas in mid-November and doesnít stop until the New Year. Even the infamous Red Light District here goes all out with Christmas lights! Numerous events are available to enjoy. In general this is just a magical destination and youíll truly feel that ambience of holiday spirit in the air here.
4. San Francisco, California. If youíre looking for an American destination to enjoy this Christmas then consider San Francisco. You wonít get the snow but you will get to enjoy many other holiday activities. Ice skating in the shopping district of Union Square, attending an annual Dickens Christmas fair and singing carols on a cable car ride are all opportunities that will be available for Christmas. Whatís great is that this place isnít overrun with tourists during this time of year so you can enjoy all of these activities at an affordable price without too many crowds.
5. Austin, Texas. Another great American destination to enjoy during Christmas is Austin. Whatís really great here is that itís on the Trail of Lights. You can take this little road trip to enjoy the best Christmas light displays in the entire nation. Austin also offers numerous Christmas activities of its own to enjoy during your time in the city.
6. New York City. If you canít imagine an American Christmas without snow then consider heading up to New York City this year. Itís a great urban destination that offers famous experiences like the Macyís Parade, the worldís tallest Christmas tree and live viewing of The Nutcracker. Itís also likely to snow (and you can easily travel to much snowier New England destinations as well).
7. Lapland, Finland. This destination is well known during the Christmas season because itís where Santa lives. Here you can enjoy all of the amazing trappings of Christmas including sleigh rides, seeing reindeer and taking a tour of the toys being made by Santaís helpers. This makes for a great unique family vacation experience to enjoy at Christmastime.
8. Bethlehem, Palestine. Are you more interested in the true meaning of Christmas? Visit this religious center to experience that side of Christmas this year. Plan to attend the midnight mass at St. Catherineís Church if you want to be part of the traditional Christmas experience here.
9. Vienna, Austria. If you want to bring Christmas gift souvenirs home from your trip then go here where the Christmas markets are absolutely amazing. Youíll also enjoy a terrific ski destination, a city with many Christmas activities and a generally merry vacation.
10.  Your hometown. There are loads and loads of different destinations that could hold the last spot on our list. From the snowiest to the sunniest, itís tough to select whatís really the best place for a memorable Christmas experience. However, the place that most people go is back to their hometown. Christmas is about spending time with family and friends so no matter where youíre from the place is special during the holiday season.